Speedload Dispensing System

For larger commercial and industrial applications, Green Glue is available in our cost saving Speedload Dispensing system. Faster, less expensive and less waste. The system is intuitive and familiar to the commercial contractor, so there’s no training required. You don’t want to live through a steep learning curve when installers are being paid by the hour.

The proprietary Speedload dispenser is a low maintenance commercial system that allows access to bulk Green Glue in 5 gallon pails. Designed for minimal maintenance until the job is complete.

Where can Green Glue be used?

Green Glue is commonly used in areas where high levels of sound isolation are required. Green Glue is ideal for floors, walls and ceilings. Easy and effective for many common noise control applications. Because of the ease of installation and use in conjunction with inexpensive building materials, Green Glue is perfect in retrofit applications.

  • Industrial Equipment Isolation
  • Multi-family and Condo Separation Walls and Ceilings
  • Health and Hospital Facilities

This is the Original Speedload

For use with cost saving 5 Gallon pails of Green Glue. For complete Technical Specifications see the Speedload Dispenser Datasheet page.

Purchase three or more pails of Green Glue and receive a $50 discount when you purchase this Speedload Dispenser. Limit one Speedload Dispenser discount per customer.


  • Assembly, application and cleaning instructions included
  • Free metal cleaning brush and WD-40
  • Apply Green Glue more rapidly with less hand fatigue
  • Modified gearing for Green Glue viscosity
  • Custom seals and gasket

For complete Technical Specifications see the Speedload Dispenser Datasheet page.

Speedload Installation Overview

Fully illustrated Installation Manuals provided with product purchase.

The Speedload dispensing system is specifically designed for high speed, low cost commercial application of Green Glue damping compound. Installation of Green Glue is faster and less expensive per square foot than ever before and this system is exclusively available from the Soundproofing Company.