Atlanta High Rise Installs SPC Flooring Solutions

Following a recent mandate by the condominium association to reduce neighbor noise, the Soundproofing Company was approached to design flooring solutions for remodels throughout an Atlanta highrise building.

Residents had complained of high levels of sound and impact noise being transmitted from the floors above. They needed a strategy for upgrading the sound isolation characteristics of the existing 6” concrete sub-floor.

The solution in this case was to make use of a semi-decoupled floor using OSB/Plywood layered with Serena Underlay and Green Glue dampening compound. This type of build has resulted in a significant reduction in both impact noise and overall sound transmission.

  • PROJECT: 6” concrete floor upgrade
  • OBJECTIVE: Reduce impact noise transfer in floor remodel
  • STRATEGY: Add a semi-decoupled floor using Green Glue dampening compound, OSB/Plywood and 3/8″ Serena Underlay.
  • Results:+ Increase of 28 IIC+ Increase of 36 STC


  • Client:Atlanta Condo Association

  • spc-flooring-options-1
  • spc-flooring-options-2
  • spc-flooring-options-3

Many of our residents have chosen to replace their carpet and padding with hardwood floors. Sound isolation and impact noise are real concerns. SPC’s build solutions and products have delivered the performance we need. Their guidelines for floor installation will increase the quality of life for our residents for many years to come.
Atlanta Condo Association

Products Used:

  • Soundproof your floor with Serena Mat Underlay
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    Serena Mat® Underlay

    Serena Mat® Underlay reduces footfall (impact) noise and airborne sound energy, soundproofing floors all in one step. Serena Mat® Underlayment can be utilized on many floor types and available in multiple thicknesses.

  • Soundproofing with Green Glue using the Speedload Dispenser
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    Speedload Green Glue Dispenser

    The Original Speedload Green Glue Soundproofing Applicator. Fully customized for use with Green Glue 5 Gallon Pails. The fastest way to apply GreenGlue!

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    Green Glue Soundproofing in 5 Gallon Pail

    Significant cost savings in bulk 5 gallon pails for higher volume applications of 730 square feet or more. Ideal for reducing sound and impact noise in walls, floors and ceilings.

  • Green Glue 16oz Tubes (12 Pack)
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    Green Glue Soundproofing Tubes

    For jobs up to 400 sq. ft. we suggest buying Green Glue by the tube. Each case with cover 192 sq ft at 2 tubes per 4′x8′ sheet.

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