Soundproofing Door seals, including door bottoms, jambs, and stops, is critical to a soundproofing project. Any gap will adversely affect your soundproofing efforts. SPC’s soundproofing door bottoms and jamb stops fill the gaps to fill this need.

  • Soundproofing your door with an Automatic Door Bottom
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    Automatic Door Bottom

    The 36″ Automatic Door Bottom offers positive lock to smooth floors. Rubber sealing bar is automatically deployed a maximum drop of 3/4″ when door is closed. Can be trimmed up to 2″ for narrower door. The design combines low operating force with an adjustable sealing bar. We recommend you use in conjunction with our Door Jamb Seal.

  • Your Door will leak sound. This helps to solve the problem. Model 770
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    Adjustable Door Jamb Stop #770

    For use with a standard 36″ wide door. This three piece door jamb set seals the two sides and top of your door. Replaces the rigid door stop that your jamb has currently.

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    Automatic Door Jamb Stop – Model 870