Serena Mat® Floor Underlay can reduce footfall noise and block airborne sound all in one step. Serena Mat® can be used on many floor types.

  • Soundproof your floor with Serena Mat Underlay
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    Serena Mat® Underlay

    Serena Mat® Underlay reduces footfall (impact) noise and airborne sound energy, soundproofing floors all in one step. Serena Mat® Underlayment can be utilized on many floor types and available in multiple thicknesses.

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    Serena Mat Underlay Adhesive

    Serena Adhesive provided long performing adhesion for Serena Mat Underlay™. Use when installing SPC Floor Solution 2.

    5 GALLON PAIL – Covers 450 Square Feet
    Install with 1/8″ Square Notched Trowel