Serena Mat Underlay Adhesive

Serena Adhesive provided long performing adhesion for Serena Mat Underlay™. Use when installing SPC Floor Solution 2.

5 GALLON PAIL – Covers 450 Square Feet
Install with 1/8″ Square Notched Trowel

Serena Mat® Underlay Adhesive is a high strong bond adhesive specifically formulated to reduced seam-splits. Serena Mat Underlay Adhesive provided easy long performing adhesion for Serena Mat Soundproofing Underlay.

A ready-to-use high-performance, solvent-free, low VOC and low-odor acrylic latex emulsion-based adhesive specifically formulated for easy long performing successful installation.


Use Serena Mat Underlay Adhesives

For INTERIOR installation of jute-backed, woven, needle-punched, rubber or sponge-rubber, polypropylene (ActionBac®), hot-melt (Unibond®), latex unitary, closed cellular urethane and Enhancer®-backed carpets, under-carpeting and homogeneous rubber floor covering over most dry, clean, properly prepared standard substrates normally recommended and/or guaranteed by the carpet or rubber floor-covering manufacturer and/or by the sub-floor preparation product manufacturer.

  • Freeze-thaw stable water-based adhesive
  • Ready to use (no mixing required)
  • Contains no mineral solvents
  • Low VOC
  • Low Odor
  • Quick setting, high initial tack
  • Reduces seam-splits
  • High bond strength

Installation & Coverage

Quick Instruction:

  • Refer to the Rubber-Flooring, carpet and under-carpeting Manufacturer’s Product Instructions and the relevant industry standards as to the requirements and procedures concerning site conditioning, substrate preparation and materials handling, conditioning and installation.
  • All Rubber floor-covering, Carpeting, Under-carpeting, Adhesive, Sub-floor Preparation Products and Substrate should be
    acclimatized and maintained at normal room temperature [ ± 23°C (73°F)] for a period of a least 24 hours before installation,
    during installation and 48 hours after.
  • Use the appropriate notched trowel/spreader (See Trowel Guideline Table) as recommended by the Rubber Floor Covering
    Manufacturer or carpet Manufacturer to ensure adequate adhesive contact [usually ± 95% of the back-face of the floor covering].

Adhesive Coverage:

Clean or change trowel often to prevent adhesive build-up.

  • 1/8” x 1/8” x 1/8” (square notched)
    90 square feet per gallon
    450 square feet per 5 gallon pail.

Soundproofing Floor Solutions

Weight 47 lbs