IB-2 EXT Sound Isolation Clip

Use the IB-2 EXT Sound Isolation Clip, where an additional clearance is required for plumbing, HVAC and electrical protrusions while retaining the soundproofing performance. The IB-2 Ext Sound Isolation Clip gives you the flexibility to drop your ceiling as much as 4" from its original height. The IB-2 EXT Sound Isolation Clip is also used to level uneven joists to create a level finished ceiling.

IB-2 EXT Sound Isolation Clip is an engineered, patented, adjustable, acoustic resilient mounting bracket for Drywall Furring Channels (Hat Channel) being suspended below purlins or trusses, for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in ceiling applications.

  • Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics
  • Simple design makes it adaptable to hundreds of applications
  • Consistent and reliable quality – manufactured under ISO9001 quality control system
  • The most cost effective way to isolate airborne noise
  • Provided with 3/16” slotted holes in bracket for adjustability.
  • Provided with a variety of hole sizes for different fasteners.
  • Fits both 7/8” and 1 1/2” furring channels.

IB-2 EXT Sound Isolation Clip Specifications:


  • Length: 3."
  • Height: 5."
  • Width: 1 5/16"
  • Maximum Spacing of Clips: 48" on Furring Channel
  • Maximum Spacing of Furring Channel: 24."
  • Design Load: 55 lbs. Maximum dead load

Sound Isolation Clips / Decoupling Clips

To properly isolate sound and noise, we start with decoupled framing. This can be accomplished by using Sound Isolation Clips and Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel / Track). This system performs two main functions. First, because rows are spaced in rows 24″ apart (generally), the drywall is attached with far fewer contact areas. Second, Sound Isolation Clips and Drywall Furring Channel are resilient. They allow a wall to flex, and this increases sound isolation as well as lowering the troublesome primary low-frequency resonance point.

How Soundproofing Clips Work

The second important feature of the resilient sound isolation clip and channel array is the introduction of resilience. Because the Drywall Furring Channel is attached every 48” by a resilient clip, the 48” span is allowed to flex slightly. This flex is critical to the system's overall performance.

Quick Installation Instructions

How to install Soundproofing IB-1 Clip

  • IB-2 EXT to be fastened to structure with a minimum #8 screw or masonry sleeve anchors. (See fastener manufacturer's specifications)
  • Load capacity: 55 lbs. Maximum dead load.
  • Maximum spacing of clips on Drywall Furring Channel is 48.”
  • The spacing between furring channels should not exceed 24.”

Soundproofing Clips Test Reports