IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip

IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its unique natural absorbing characteristics. A unique cell-column design guards against structure-borne vibrations are transferring into the metal part of the Soundproofing Clip. The cell column design provides a small amount of surface area that is in contact with the structures framing. This limited surface area helps to break the transfer point for the sound waves creating a decoupled wall or ceiling assembly.

This IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip is considered a high-performance clip, but as a relatively lower cost compared to other high performance two part clips. This cost saving allows the contractor to invest instead in extra mass (drywall) and damping (Green Glue). The resulting system is far superior to just using Soundproofing Clips and drywall alone.

The IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip can be used with wood or steel wall studs. Clips are particularly useful on open ceilings where there are neighbors overhead. Significant relief from neighbor noise can be obtained if we first start with clips to decouple the ceiling drywall.

IB-2 Soundproofing Clip Features:

  • Two-part clip
  • Fast installation
  • Galvanized finish
  • For use with 25 gauge drywall furring channel
  • Engineered thermoplastic rubber outperforms standard rubber because of its sound absorbing characteristics
  • Simple design makes it adaptable to hundreds of applications
  • Consistent and reliable quality – manufactured under ISO9001 quality control system
  • Can be used to suit 7/8” tall Drywall Furring Channels

IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip Specifications:

IB-2 Soundproofing Clip Dimensions

  • Length: 3"
  • Height: 1 5/8"
  • Width: 1 5/16"
  • Maximum Spacing of Clips: 48" on Furring Channel
  • Maximum Spacing of Furring Channel: 24."
  • Design Load: 55 lbs. Maximum dead load

Sound Isolation Clips / Decoupling Clips

To properly isolate, we want to start with decoupled framing. Isolation is accomplished by using Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel / Track). This system performs two main functions. First, because rows are spaced in rows 24″ apart (generally), the drywall is attached with far fewer contact areas. Second, Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel are resilient. They allow a wall to flex, and this increases sound isolation as well as lowering the troublesome primary low-frequency resonance point.

How Soundproofing Clips Work

The second important feature of the resilient clip and Drywall Furring Channel array is the introduction of resilience. Because the Drywall Furring Channel is attached every 48” by a resilient clip, the 48” span is allowed to flex slightly. This flex is critical to the systems overall performance.

Quick Installation Instructions

How to install Soundproofing IB-1 Clip

  • Fasten the IB-2 Clips on wall studs or ceiling joists.
  • Snap Drywall Furring Channel into IB-2 Soundproofing Clip.
  • Attach standard drywall to Drywall Furring Channel.

Soundproofing Clips Test Reports