Soundproofing Tile Floors


Serena Mat® +  Green Glue Subfloor

This solution deals with noise vibration right at its source by applying mass and damping to the underside of the problematic subfloor. Because this method directly addresses the vibration, there will be much less sound available to travel to the joists as well as your walls below. Keep in mind that your walls are holding up his noisy floor above.

Ease and Cost

  • More expensive than the other ceiling solutions. Still simple and straight forward
  • Slower than the other ceiling solutions
  • Primary labor issue is associated with the removal and disposal of the original ceiling.


By directly addressing the vibration at the source (the subfloor above) we are able to reduce the vibration before it travels far.

This method adds Decoupling, Mass, Absorption and Damping, four of the 4 Elements of Soundproofing.

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