Acoustical Glossary

Don’t let a few soundproofing terms slow you down. This Glossary of Acoustic Terms will help you. Included in the glossary are definitions for various soundproofing words, as well as detailed descriptions of sound isolation concepts.

How Does Constrained Layer Damping Work?

Break Down of Constrained Layer Damping: Damping is the conversion of energy over time and distance. We are relying on the panel flexing when hit with a sound wave. This includes wall panel movement as a wave (bending wave) that is traveling laterally in the wall through the drywall (whatever). This flexing of the two […]

Soundproofing Principle - Add Mass

Do I simply add mass to Soundproof?

We hear terms like Mass Law, Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), Massive Drywall, and one could conclude that mass is the only thing we’re after to soundproof a room. This is only partly true. This website has a very good discussion going regarding this topic. House Repair Talk Forum Essentially mass is not the only factor […]

Sound Isolation Specialty Drywall

Should I Consider Pre-damped Specialty Drywall?

This is a very common question. There are several manufacturer’s of quality pre-damped drywall marketed for sound isolation. So is this a good product or a good idea? The short answer is “yes” to both. Any pre-damped drywall (there are many manufacturers) is simply layers of standard board that you can buy at Home Depot(drywall […]

Soundproofing a room with stairs

Watch out for the Stairs when Soundproofing

If you’re building a soundproof room, it’s often in the basement. In that instance, more times than not the stairwell becomes an issue. Many people want to use the stairwell wall as the back wall of their new room. Others want to use the space under the stairs for an equipment rack (that’s what I […]

Recording Magazine

In the Studio – Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine – October 2010 Issue: In general, the most difficult and costly frequencies to address have always been those in the area of 125 Hz and below, which coincidentally happens to be, in our musical world, the power behind most of our music and special effects. Cut off everything below 125 Hz in your mix and see what you have left.