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I figured its been a while since I updated my thread. There has certainly been progress but its been much slower than anticipated. The drywalling has taken much longer than expected, but will hopefully be finished today. One of the main Issues was the drywall subcontractor didn’t do an adequate job with the GG so my GC ended up redoing it properly. I wasn’t around for most of it due to travel for work, but that’s been just about completed. Now its on to mudding/taping. I’ll try to get some pictures up to document what’s happened.

I’ll also put in a plug for The Soundproofing Company. My GC said that they’ve been a pleasure to deal with. In fact, there was a shipping snafu (transcribed address) and TSC made it right in a hurry. Ted was also gracious enough to spend time on the phone with me directly giving pointers. So even though I took some of them, I didn’t do everything he suggested (like Isolating the theater area with an extra wall), which will be to the detriment of containing the sound. But those are the compromises one has to make.

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