Soundproofing Articles.

Slab-Protection-with-serenity-mat-thmb Flooring: Protecting a Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is generally an asset for airborne sound isolation. The large mass (weight) provides for a great deal of sound isolation from vibrations entering or leaving the room. The slab does have an airborne sound weakness at its … Read More

Soundproofing Floors Soundproofing Tip: Floor to Wall Transition

How to properly transition from a floor to a wall while maintaining soundproofing performance. The use of Soundproofing Floor Underlayment, Acoustical Sealant, Acoustical Backrod, Green Glue Soundproofing Compound and Sound Isolation Clips are required in this assembly diagram. Don’t forget Putty Pads for the outlets. All penetrations need to be sealed for maximum results. Read More

acoustical_glossary_thmb Acoustical Glossary

Don’t let a few soundproofing terms slow you down. This Glossary of Acoustic Terms will help you. Included in the glossary are definitions for various soundproofing words, as well as detailed descriptions of sound isolation concepts. Read More

Sound Isolation Specialty Drywall Should I Consider Pre-damped Specialty Drywall?

This is a very common question. There are several manufacturer’s of quality pre-damped drywall marketed for sound isolation. So is this a good product or a good idea? The short answer is “yes” to both. Any pre-damped drywall (there are … Read More

Soundproofing a room with stairs Watch out for the Stairs when Soundproofing

If you’re building a soundproof room, it’s often in the basement. In that instance, more times than not the stairwell becomes an issue. Many people want to use the stairwell wall as the back wall of their new room. Others … Read More

Should I soundproof my foundation wall Do I Need to Soundproof my Foundation Walls?

If you’re building a room in a basement, you’ll have some walls that are built next to the foundation. We’re not worried about sound leaking through the foundation into the surrounding soil. We’re worried about sound traveling straight up into … Read More

How to vent a soundproof room or theater How Can I Ventilate A Sealed, Soundproof Room?

It’s unfortunately a very common scenario to build a soundproof room, with massive walls and ceiling, only to forget about the ventilation. You are going to need to seal the room tight to prevent leaks, yet you’ll need to get … Read More

What is Constrained Damping How Does Constrained Layer Damping Work?

Break Down of Constrained Layer Damping: Damping is the conversion of energy over time and distance. We are relying on the panel flexing when hit with a sound wave. This includes wall panel movement as a wave (bending wave) that … Read More

acoustic-lab-testing Are Acoustical Lab Tests Reliable?

“Is acoustic lab testing really objective? If a company is paying for the test, don’t they just get the test results they want?” Very reasonable questions. While some very competent, material testing can be informally conducted by a manufacturer’s own … Read More

soundboard-drywall Should I use Sound Board in My Room?

It’s a common question. Should I use one of several sound board products to help with soundproofing? The various sound board products are marketed under many different names. In general they are made from waste material from the lumber industry. … Read More

low-bass Low Frequency Bass Problems

Specialty rooms generating a great deal of bass create special challenges in room design. Generally the most difficult aspect of high level isolation is controlling the low frequencies (bass). Keep in mind that STC doesn’t measure bass, as it does … Read More