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The Internet is full of conflicting information about soundproofing. Don't let yourself become confused by the all the unnecessary marketing noise. At the Soundproofing Company, we combine a deep understanding of acoustical science, 35+ years in residential and light commercial construction, and expert knowledge in how to use the best products properly. It's that simple, and that's how we work to provide the best soundproofing solutions in the industry.

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Experience the Soundproofing Company Difference. It means FREE expert advice and personal consultation for your job from start to finish. When you work with us, we’ll design your soundproofing solution together and take your order by phone – to make sure it gets done right the first time.

We also share our expertise through a comprehensive Soundproofing 101 guide, case studiesSIMs (Soundproofing Installation Manuals), technical sheets, and certified laboratory test reports. It’s the Soundproofing Company Difference, and we look forward to working with you.

The Soundproofing Company has been selling high quality commercial and residential soundproofing solutions for walls, ceilings and floors for over two decades. Skip the confusing gimmicks and call us today at 800-397-8791 for a no-pressure consultation with a Soundproofing Company professional.

Noisy floors are a significant and growing issue as more people are opting for hard surface flooring. This creates distinct soundproofing challenges. We offer solutions tailored to your commercial or residential needs.

Impact noise coming through a ceiling is one of the worst soundproofing problems. A footfall imparts a violent level of energy into the ceiling. We offer ceiling solutions to quiet even the most problematic footfall noise.

Shared interior walls don't offer much in the way of sound isolation. There are good approaches and bad, and you only want to do this once. Our lab-certified wall solutions will help ensure you get it right the first time.

Soundproofing Company customer testimonials


Soundproofing Company customer testimonials

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The Soundproofing Company wants to make sure your job is done right the first time; that's why it's important that we talk before you choose your products. These consultations are part of our service and are offered at no cost to you.

We have the lab reports, materials, diagrams, SIMS (Soundproofing Installation Manuals), and experience you need.

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SINCE 1999 - The Soundproofing Company has over two decades of experience with soundproofing.

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FREE CONSULTATION - Buy soundproofing products with confidence. We know what works and the myths you should avoid.


CALL ANY TIME - Full phone support throughout the construction phase of your soundproofing project.


FULLY ILLUSTRATED MANUALS with material purchase (SIM). Detailed guides to give to your contractor.

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CUSTOM FREIGHT QUOTES - Our shipping department knows how to get your order shipped to you quickly at the best price.