Soundproofing for Home Theaters and Recording Studios

Back in 1999, we started selling soundproofing materials for home theaters and recording studios. It was the dawn of a now-familiar phenomenon - elevating the in-home entertainment experience.

We have been soundproofing theaters since 1999

1999: Advanced sound arrives everywhere - loudly

In 1999, subwoofers and very low bass was a new concept, and everyone wanted as much low frequency tactile feel as they could. With all of this volume, especially at low frequencies, it was common to read stories of family members coming down into the theater and instructing to “turn that down!” Obviously, hearing those words was a bummer after all the time and expense invested to build the theater, only to be told to lower the volume below enjoyable levels!

Also during that time, home recording studios were starting to be all the rage, as software and equipment costs went down, allowing even the casual musician to be able to consider a studio or jam room.

Not surprisingly, parents, partners, and other roommates were eager to isolate the sounds of the band jamming from angry neighbors. Additionally, lots of people were doing small scale voice-over work, composing, or musically collaborating in multi-family and condo scenarios. They needed sound isolation to co-exist with their neighbors.

Pioneers in low frequency damping

Advanced techniques and materials were not available back then, so we all did the best we could, but clearly a new business had been born - domestic soundproofing.

Thankfully, there was a great deal of raw data available from Canada’s National Research Council (the NRC). They had been studying residential construction materials and methods to isolate sound better. The Canadians were looking to enhance the Residential Building Code to improve the sound isolation for homeowners and tenants. Their research was invaluable for insights into what worked and why.

We started sharing these findings with the Home Theater and Home Studio communities, and specifically looked at ways to isolate those problematic low frequencies. Green Glue was developed to help with this low frequency bass problem. We started looking at door systems, ventilation mufflers, and recessed lighting isolation. We developed common standards for electrical outlets and cable soundproofing. Highly detailed and illustrated installation manuals were developed to make installation easy and error free.

Canada’s National Research Council

Experience + innovation = Soundproofing Company

SIM Sample Diagram

The fact that we had been involved in residential construction since 1983 really gave us unique insight into real world solutions. Prior to that, there were only very abbreviated instructions from various manufacturers. Worse, there was a great deal of completely wrong information on the internet. Much of this was based on urban legend, not actual lab data. Many uninformed contractors would recommend materials or techniques that were woefully underwhelming.

Today, 20+ years later, we have a large and still-growing assortment of installation images, instructions, and continuous phone support. We’ve been able to test just about everything in certified third party labs. We have distilled down techniques that are fundamental and critical, compared to those that simply promote unnecessary product sales. We only recommend what is proven to work, and we don’t promote products that don’t have direct audible benefit.

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