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Soundproofing Ceilings

The Soundproofing Company offers a variety of high quality solutions for soundproofing ceilings. This type of soundproofing is especially useful for home theaters and recording studios, as well as to eliminate noise from the people upstairs. Check out our case studies to see how we've helped our customers achieve the results they need.


Level 2 - Standard Solution

Level 1 - Basic Solution

Level 3 (best)

  • Decoupled drywall - drops 2 3/8" from joists
  • Double Green Glue, triple gypsum layers
  • Best for footfall noise from above
  • Treats both subfloor above and ceiling below

Level 2 (standard)

  • Best when there is NO footfall noise from above
  • Decoupled drywall - drops 2 3/8" from joists
  • Less isolation than level 3 - no Green Glue or drywall against the subfloor

Level 1 (basic)

  • Adds two layers of drywall to existing ceiling
  • Not recommended: drywall is not decoupled
  • Solution shown solely to demonstrate lowest performance

Additional ceiling soundproofing resources

Standard – Ceiling Assembly (Single Drywall)

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This assembly will allow sound to easily transfer from floor to ceiling with out encountering any real resistance. It’s not recommended, but included for the sake of demonstration.

Green Glue added to a ceiling

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Our customers choose this solution most often. It doesn’t address vibration in the subfloor and joists overhead, but it does create more thoroughly damped mass than in the original ceiling.

Concrete Slab Soundproof Ceiling

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A single layer of concrete poses a unique challenge for sound isolation. You really only have two choices.

Adding Drywall to Standard Ceiling Assembly

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The standard ceiling upgrade is a basic improvement. It does not reduce the vibration from the upstairs floor. More effective for airborne than impact noise.

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