Soundproofing 101

Acoustical Glossary

AcousticsAcousticalAcoustical AnalysisAcoustical ConsultantAcoustical EnvironmentAirborne SoundAmbient Noise/SoundAmplitudeArchitectural AcousticsArticulation Class (AC)Articulation IndexArea EffectASTMA-WeightingA-Weighted Sound LevelBackground NoiseBaffleBarrierBass TrapBoominessCloudCocktail Party EffectCoincidence RegionConstrained Layer Damping (CLD)CycleCycles Per SecondDampingDecibel (Db)DeflectionDiffusion EchoEcho FlutterEqual Loudness ContoursFlankingFree FieldFrequencyFrequency AnalysisHearing Impairment (Hearing Loss)Hearing RangeHertz (Hz)Impact Sound (Impact Noise)Live End / Dead EndLoudnessMaskingMassMass LawNoiseNoise Criteria (NC)Noise Isolation Class (NIC)Noise Reduction (NR)Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)Octave Bands1/3 Octave…

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