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Residential Soundproofing

If you want to reduce unwanted noise in your home you need a plan. Regardless of your noise problem, understand that we have already solved it many, many times before. Perhaps you are wanting to soundproof a home theater or home recording studio. Maybe your band practice is driving your neighbors nuts.

If you are one of many that have neighbor noise coming through a ceiling or wall, understand that you do not have to move. You can get along with noisy neighbors by implemented proven residential soundproofing solutions.

Soundproofing for Home theaters: Since 1999 we have created residential soundproofing solutions for home theaters. Special care has to be taken to isolate the home theater noise from the rest of the house. We have detailed articles describing sound isolating solutions for doors, ventilation and ductwork. Do not give them a reason to tell you to “turn it down.”

Soundproofing for Band Practice Rooms: A very common request is to contain the noise in band practice rooms. This may involve converting a garage or basement. Either way, band practice rooms require a great deal of consideration to be successful. We can help with soundproofing considerations involving garage doors, windows and ventilation.

Soundproofing for Recording Studios: Easy access to high quality digital equipment has helped fuel huge growth in home recording studios. To be successful, proper sound isolation is key. You can’t afford to have sound entering or leaving the recording studio. We have the details for the various construction considerations you will need to consider when isolating sound in your recording studio.

Soundproof for Walls, Ceilings and Floors: Even in a single family home there will be times you want to consider soundproofing your walls, ceilings and floors. Consider building your own fortress of solitude within your home. This can be easy and economical to accomplish if you follow a plan. We’re here to help you understand the process and make good soundproofing decisions.

These residential soundproofing issues are not new to us. Give us a call and let us give you a few ideas or if you have any questions.

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