Soundproofing Floors

The Soundproofing Company offers a variety of high-performance solutions for soundproofing floors in homes, condos, commercial spaces, home theaters, recording studios and more. Check out our case studies to see a few of the ways we've helped our customers achieve the results they need.


Level 2 - Standard solution

Level 1 - Basic solution

Level 3 (best)

  • HIghest performance isolation
  • Less expensive, better-wearing than poured gypsum
  • Effective for both footfall impact and airborne noise
  • Suitable for hardwood, tile, stone and vinyls
  • Requires no flooring adhesive
  • Requires the most space

Level 2 (standard)

  • High quality solution when true decoupled floor isn't an option
  • Requires less space
  • Suitable for hardwoods or vinyls
  • Requires two layers of flooring adhesive
  • Not a true vibrationally damped system

Level 1 (basic)

  • Best suited for engineered flooring that doesn't require fasteners
  • Easy to install and pallet-ready for quick delivery
  • Requires the least space
  • Least mass means less isolation

Specialized flooring considerations

Soundproofing Carpeted Floors

Typically used in residences, especially for home theaters; recording studios, restaurants, bars and more. Mass and decoupling are used to combat low frequency sounds.

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Soundproofing Tile & Stone Floors

Tile and stone floors are used in every kind of flooring application. Dampen noise by creating a second subfloor with Serena Mat Underlay, Green Glue and tongue and groove plywood.

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