Soundproofing Clips

Sound Isolation Clips / Decoupling Clips

To properly isolate, we want to start with decoupled framing. This can be accomplished by using Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel / Track). This system performs two main functions. First, because rows are spaced in rows 24″ apart (generally), the drywall is attached with far fewer contact areas. Second, Soundproofing Clips and Drywall Furring Channel are resilient. They allow a wall to flex, and this increases sound isolation as well as lowering the troublesome primary low frequency resonance point.

Recommend Soundproofing Clips

IB-1 Sound Isolation Clip


The IB-1 Soundproofing Clip has a high performing decoupling value. IB-1 limits the connection points between the drywall and walls and ceilings framing. Read More

IB-3 EXT Sound Isolation Clip


This clip is used when the ceiling drop needs to be more than an inch. This is useful to level an out of level ceiling as well as to provide room for pipes above the finished ceiling. Read More



The IB-3 is a very versatile bracket for new construction or remodel. The most common use is to disconnect an isolated wall from the original framing. Read More

IB-4 Sound Isolation Clip


The IB-4 BRACKET is useful to connect inner and outer walls in a double stud format. This bracket can also connect a decoupled wall from the original foundation. Read More

Additional Clips Options

Decouple with WhisperClip


The WhisperClip is a favorite for Recording Studios and Home Theaters. Apply Drywall Furring Channel to the WhisperClips and hang/install drywall or rigid matterial on the Channel. Read More

PAC RSIC-1 Sound Isolation Clip


The PAC RSIC-1 is the original Resilient Sound Isolation Clip and has been around for years. UL fire rated, the RSIC-1 is designed for use with various framing applications. Read More

IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip


For fire-rated assemblies, consider the IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip. Read More