Multi-Family Soundproofing Solution

Multi-Family housing has always been plagued with complaints of neighbor noise. There are simple and highly effective methods to reduce this unwanted noise. Deploying these sound isolation construction techniques will increase tenant occupancy. Soundproofing townhouses and condominiums will differentiate you from your competition.

Soundproofed Units are Worth More

Soundproofing Increases Tenant Retention
One of the leading causes of tenant relocation is to either move away from a noise problem or to specifically move into a sound isolated apartment. Soundproofing increases tenant retention, as do other quality of life enhancements. We can help you quickly sound isolate apartments to get them ready for the next tenant.

Sound Isolated Units Have More Value
There are a few apartment amenities that a tenant is willing to pay more for. Soundproofing is a great example. Sound isolated rental units have more value. Privacy and peace of mind is what everyone looks for. Soundproofing apartments is a business investment.

Multi-family Soundproofing Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Soundproofing Creates Faster Sales
In a highly competitive condominium market, what sets your apart? A documented sound isolated environment distinguishes your property from others. Soundproofing creates faster condo and townhome sales. We can help implement noise control as well as help with your marketing of these enhancements.

Condo Conversion Specify Soundproofing
Converting old factories and schools into desirable high end condos is a common part of the re-gentrification of urban America. We have condo-conversion specific soundproofing designs, as well as case studies describing their successful implementation.

These multi-family housing soundproofing issues are not new to us. The below articles describe solutions for some common problems faced in multi-family housing situation. Give us a call and let us give you a few ideas or if you have any questions.