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Erskine Group Architectural Acoustics

For over 15 years our designers, engineers and craftsmen have been creating distinguished acoustic spaces for demanding clientele and bringing innovations such as Cinemascope to private home cinemas. In a world of instant gratification and Home Theater In-a-Box, we still take the time to define the result before we present a solution. We know of no other way to deliver quality and meet the exacting expectations of our special clientele. In order to deliver that quality, The Erskine Group, offers a staff to design, build, calibrate and integrate your entertainment spaces into your home and lifestyle.

Dennis Erskine brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to addressing home cinema designs. He is an (SME) Subject Matter Expert in the field, a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Audio Engineering Society (AES), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He has participated with CEDIA and CEA standards groups to develop the educational, testing and best practices criteria for the industry. He is ISF, THX and HAA certified and has served as an instructor for the Home Acoustics Alliance.

Whether it be a home cinema, home studio or an energy effective home automation and lighting control system, The Erskine Group first designs and engineers a result providing detailed architectural, electrical, wiring and functional specifications to the client. From that initial engagement, our staff can construct, build and deliver a turnkey solution. Alternatively, we can provide the design and subsequently provide quality assurance monitoring of your selected vendors and trades people.

Our home theater spaces are widely recognized for their remarkable acoustics and stunning visual presentations. Many of the techniques and methods developed by Dennis Erskine are often imitated and have been incorporated into other’s best practices. Regardless of your budgetary targets, you can be assured the Erskine Group will deliver the original with the quality and discretion you require.

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