Orfield Laboratories

Orfield Laboratories, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary design, testing and research laboratory located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 1971 as Orfield Associates, Inc. the firm has evolved from its architectural acoustics testing and design roots into a multi-disciplined acoustics, vibration, lighting and visibility test and research laboratory serving a large and varied client-base.

The offering of standardized testing in combination with diagnostic and consumer-based research accommodates a full range of acoustical and vibration testing and research needs.

Orfield Laboratories reverberation chambers and anechoic chamber provide accredited, standardized ASTM and ISO testing services. In conjunction, the sound recording studios and other specialized acoustic, lighting and visibility laboratories and staff offer the most qualified level of services, facilities and expertise found anywhere in North America.

Complimenting Orfield Laboratories outstanding facility and staff is an extremely comprehensive collection of high quality acoustical test equipment. The collection includes measurement microphones, accelerometers, analyzers, software and accessories to offer testing resources for virtually limitless laboratory, field and research capabilities.

Orfield Laboratories services include a broad range of standardized testing and research for manufacturers of both commercial and consumer products, materials, and components.  Some supported industries include architectural and construction, appliance and tool, HVAC, automotive and yard, audio, medical and communication industries.  Tests performed include sound power, airborne sound transmission loss (STC) and impact insulation (IIC).