Audio gear is fun to discuss, but nothing will improve your listening experience as much as good room acoustics. These days, even modest audio gear can produce jaw-dropping sound quality if the room is well-treated to sound good.

The purpose of acoustic treatments is to improve the quality of sound in a room. Common problems are echoes and excess ambience, too much or too little bass, poor stereo imaging and localization, unclear movie dialog and generally muddy sound. Low frequencies are often the biggest problem, with response variations as large as 35 dB, especially in smaller rooms.

For recording engineers, mixes that seem fine in your control room sound boomy or thin when played elsewhere. If you cannot hear bass instruments clearly it is impossible to create mixes that sound good everywhere. For audiophiles and home theater owners, bass instruments sound boomy and ill-defined, movie dialog is difficult to understand at low volumes and the excess ambience turns music into an incoherent mess.

To solve acoustic problems common to all rooms, RealTraps has developed a line of very high-performance acoustic treatments. Whether you are a professional recording engineer, serious audiophile, or home theater owner who wants the best sound possible, the most cost-effective way to upgrade your entire system is with acoustic treatment from RealTraps.

Besides recording studios and listening rooms, RealTraps products are also used in churches and chapels, restaurants, bars, auditoriums, Foley studios, movie sound stages, DVD mixing suites – even a research lab at MIT! RealTraps boasts as customers some of the most famous recording engineers, producers, and facilities including Bob Katz, Herbie Hancock, Barry Gibb, Bob Clearmountain, T Bone Burnett, NBC’s Universal Studios, Paramount Recording, Avatar Studios, and Warner Brothers Records.

RealTraps devotes a huge amount of their resources to educating the public about the importance of acoustics, whether or not they are potential customers. They have produced scores of non-commercial educational articles and educational videos & demos for their web site, and they spend a lot of time in audio forums to promote understanding of acoustics to the public.

Learn more about RealTraps and how their products and exert advice can help you to achieve the very best sound quality possible.