Boardwalk Condos Case Study

The original 1892 building was a furniture manufacturing plant located in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. In 2000, the building received a complete urban makeover and converted into condominiums.

The original wall between units was inadequate for sound isolation. Casual voices were easily audible as well as television and light music. In 2002 an attempt was made to correct the poor sound isolation performance of the original wall, to no avail. In 2007 the building received extensive remodeling, with plans to adequately soundproof the common walls between units. The original planned solution - building new walls over the originals - didn't work.

Finally, the developers worked with the Soundproofing Company's Ted White, adding a layer of Green Glue and an additional sheet of drywall. Though simple, the solution deadened ambient sound beyond all expectations, eliminating noise issues for Broadway Condominiums residents.
230 Condominium Units
Parkland Properties
940 Monroe Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
(616) 566-2572

2000 - Original Condo Walls

  • 2x4 stud wall
  • One layer of 5/8” drywall on each side of wall.
  • Insulated wall cavities

RESULT: Poor sound isolation

First Acoustical Upgrade

2002 - First Acoustical Upgrade

  • A new 2x4 stud wall was built in front of the existing condo wall.
  • No insulation in new wall.
  • 1⁄2” drywall on finished side of new wall.

RESULT: The noise was still “a serious problem.”

Boardwalk Condo Wall - Final Wall Constructions

2007 - Final Upgrade With Green Glue

  • Add one sheet of 5/8” drywall with 2 tubes of Green Glue.
  • Sealed perimeter of walls and caulk around outlets.

RESULT: “Amazing.... we have not had a single complaint since we treated the walls.”


“The results are amazing. Since installing the Green Glue, we have not received a single noise complaint. We are very pleased with the results.”
“We placed a very loud air compressor in a bedroom as a test. This was much louder than a typical condo owner would play music. In the room next door we heard nothing. It was unreal.”
“Our installers found the Green Glue tubes to be extremely fast and easy to work with.”
“We tried other methods of soundproofing such as soundboard or resilient channel, and found Green Glue to be the least expensive and clearly the best performance.”

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