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Contact the Soundproofing Company today and let us help you find the right soundproofing solution the first time. We want to make sure your soundproofing project goes smoothly the first time; that’s why we always talk to our customers BEFORE they buy. These free consultations are part of our service and cost you nothing. It’s part of the service and expertise that make up the Soundproofing Company Difference.

Trusted Soundproofing Experience, Proven SolutionsSINCE 1999 - The Soundproofing Company has years of experience with soundproofing.
Tested, Certified Soundproofing ResultsFREE CONSULTATION - Buy soundproofing products with confidence. We know the exact products that work and the myths you should avoid.
It feels good to have construction advice from a trusted soundproofing source.CALL ANY TIME- Full phone support throughout the construction phase of your soundproofing project.
SIM - Easy Installation with soundproofing illustrationsFULLY ILLUSTRATED MANUALS with material purchase (SIM). Detailed guides to give to your contractor.
Value Pack Pallet Shipping for the lowest price availableCUSTOM FREIGHT QUOTES: Don't let a shopping cart charge you too much for shipping. Our shipping department knows how to get your order shipped to you quickly at the best price.