The Soundproofing Company was established to offer the industry a consolidated source for core soundproofing products and information. You will find that we do not offer dozens of materials that you simply do not need. Our soundproofing products are the highest quality and the lowest cost available. Please shop and compare. We offer the Soundproofing Articles you need, and the Soundproofing Products that work at a commercial price structure.

We have extensive construction experience dating back to 1983. We also have years of experience acoustically testing walls, floors, and ceilings both in the lab and in the field.

We know which products work, how well they work, and why they work because we have thoroughly researched all options we recommend through test reports and acoustic resources. Just as important, with our unique background we know exactly how all the construction materials fit together.

Company Philosophy

From extensive customer polling, we found that before calling us, 1 in 7 consumers were planning to purchase, or had already purchased, the wrong soundproofing products.

A noise problem is not something you have to live with. The Soundproofing Company specializes in low cost, real world solutions for soundproofing walls, floors, and ceilings, and especially in serving the commercial soundproofing market.

No hype, no high prices, just the high quality products you need to solve the noise problems you have.

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What we offer – “Noise Control for Real Life”

We obviously cannot come to you and make sure things are installed correctly, however we can provide direct phone consultation as often as you and your contractor need.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we have created a helpful series of proprietary Soundproofing Installation Manuals (SIMs), but welcome everyone to peruse our quick soundproofing installation overviews to get started. These are copyrighted materials that we provide free of charge after product purchase. We encourage phone calls, email, and photos and will answer any questions that arise during construction. You will find that the real questions start after construction begins and we are with you all the way until the paint dries.