• IB-1 Soundproofing Decoupling Clip used with Drywall Furring Channel
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    IB-1 Soundproofing Clip

    The IB-1 Sound Isolation Clip is a high performing decoupling value clip. IB-1 limits the connection points between the drywall and walls and ceilings framing.

  • IB-3 Soundproofing Decoupling Clips
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    IB-2 Soundproofing Clip

    The IB-2 Soundproofing Clip is used for fire-rated soundproofing assemblies, consider the IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip to meet your fire-rated burn requirements.

  • Decouple with WhisperClip Soundproofing Clip
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    The WhisperClip

    The WhisperClip is a favorite for Recording Studios and Home Theaters. Apply Drywall Furring Channel to the WhisperClips and hang/install drywall or rigid material on the Channel.