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Cómo Instalar el Green Glue

¡Instalar El Green Glue Es Rápido! Utilice una pistola para calafatear del tamaño uniforme de un cuarto de galón. Debido a su consistencia delgada (como la salsa de tomate) Ud. puede distribuir fácilmente un tubo del Green Glue en 15 segundos. El Green Glue no fluirá de la tabla al instalar. No es necesario tener…

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Green Glue Installation Overview

Fully illustrated Installation Manuals provided with product purchase. Green Glue can be used to soundproof walls, floors and ceilings. Green Glue is used in both new construction and building upgrades and renovations. Case Coverage (12 tubes per case) 1 Case of Green Glue with 2 tubes applied to 4’x8’ sheet will cover 192 square feet…

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Installing Door Seal Kit

1 The top section A is installed first. Then the two sides B and C. These go to the floor / threshold . 2 The threshold is typically a simple hardwood or stone strip. Maybe 3” wide. Smooth and dense so the rubber engages well 3 Lastly the Automatic Door Bottom D is installed to…

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