What is Drywall Furring Channel (Hat Channel)?

For high level soundproofing you need to employ some method of decoupling the framing from the drywall. This can be done by modifying the wall or ceiling framing, but decoupling is often accomplished through the use of Drywall Furring Channel with Soundproofing Clips (IB-1).

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Hat Channel is technically known as a 7/8” Drywall Furring Channel. For our purposes, we want:

  • Gauge: 25 Gauge (for its flexibilty)
  • Unacceptable Gauge: 20 – (too stiff)
  • Required: Hemmed Long Edge
  • Height: 7/8” (22.2 mm)
  • Length: 10′ and 12′
  • Thickness: .0188” (.478mm)
  • Designation Code: 087F125-18
  • Acceptable Widths: 2 ½”, 2 9/16” and 2 5/8″
  • Unacceptable Width: Channel larger than 2 3/4″ is out of spec and not to be used.

There are several manufacturers of Drywall Furring Channel and the specifications for them are defined by the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association The Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA).

Using Drywall Furring Channel is crucial element to your projects success

Drywall Furring Channel is also Hat Channel to the uninformed.

Drywall Furring Channel Specification - Follow Carefully

2 3/4" add wider channel will not work in RSIC-1 Soundproofing Clip or any other clip manufacted.

How does a Resilient Soundproofing Clip system work?

It is important to review how a resilient sound clip system operates. Because the clips are spaced 24” and 48” apart, there are far fewer contact points between the drywall and the steel or wood framing. This mechanical isolation helps to limit the direct conduction of vibration from the drywall to the studs.

Drywall Furring Channel Oscillation

An important feature of the Soundproofing Clip and Drywall Furring Channel array is the introduction of resilience. Because the channel is attached every 48” by a resilient clip, the 48” span is allowed to flex slightly. This flex is very important to the system’s overall performance.


This is why it is important to use a quality 25 gauge Furring Channel. 20 gauge material is commonly available but is stiffer than we would prefer. 20 Gauge Furring Channel is not flexible enough.

What are Hat Channels

Resilient isolation systems that utilize resilient clips require a quality Hat Channel to function.

  • IB-1 Soundproofing Decoupling Clip used with Drywall Furring Channel
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    IB-1 Soundproofing Clip

    The IB-1 Sound Isolation Clip is a high performing decoupling value clip. IB-1 limits the connection points between the drywall and walls and ceilings framing.

  • IB-3 Soundproofing Decoupling Clips
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    IB-2 Soundproofing Clip

    The IB-2 Soundproofing Clip is used for fire-rated soundproofing assemblies, consider the IB-2 Sound Isolation Clip to meet your fire-rated burn requirements.

  • PAC RSIC-1 Soundproofing Decoupling Clip
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    PAC RSIC-1

    The PAC RSIC-1 is the original Resilient Sound Isolation Clip and has been around for years. UL fire rated, the RSIC-1 remains designed for use with various framing applications.

  • Decouple with WhisperClip Soundproofing Clip
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    The WhisperClip

    The WhisperClip is a favorite for Recording Studios and Home Theaters. Apply Drywall Furring Channel to the WhisperClips and hang/install drywall or rigid material on the Channel.

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