Worth the effort. Certainly more effective and cheaper.

I wanted to update you on my home theater soundproofing, which was completed in December. Now that three months have gone by, I can be sure that the Green Glue has sufficiently cured.

I live in a two-story split-level house with a walk-out basement. My home theater is located in the corner of the first floor, with our master bedroom directly above and my home office in the basement below. My main objective was to reduce the transmission of low frequency noise from the home theater to the bedroom above.

After reviewing the information at your website and on the AVS Forum, I decided to decouple the home theater ceiling with WhisperClips, fill the cavities with fiberglass insulation, attach a double layer of drywall with Green Glue to the clips, and apply the SilenSeal around the perimeter of the ceiling. I damped the floor by applying a layer of Green Glue to the subfloor and installing a layer of 3/4inch OSB over it.

My wife is a light sleeper who goes to bed early. Before the soundproofing, I was not able to enjoy a movie in the home theater even at low volume without disturbing her. (I even have ButtKickers installed in my home theater chairs so the subwoofer was never cranked up very loud.) Now I am able to enjoy movies at normal volume and all my wife can hear is an occasional soft rumble that sounds like distant thunder.

I am very pleased with the result and with all of your help. I think that in my case it was well worth the effort and certainly more effective and cheaper than some of the alternatives that were suggested to me, such as QuietRock. I think the key to my installation was the WhisperClip, which I selected because of its superior low-frequency performance. Of course the combination of all of the soundproofing measures contributed to the final result.

Thanks for everything and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.