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Hey John, you’ve been hugely helpful.  Your company gets a big recommendation from me to anyone who is doing soundproofing work.

Some hopeful news …..The owner of the company that installed the A/C came yesterday afternoon. He agreed that there is a problem with the compressor and that it shouldn’t sound the way it does. They are going to try using vibration mounts first and then if that doesn’t do it, they’ll order a new compressor. In the meantime I would still like to add some kind of baffling/sound mitigation system to my exterior wall. I can’t have anyting pumped into the concrete as it is concrete block filled with concrete. Any suggestions for that and is there something I can buy from you? A final note: You are completely right, this has been and still is a challenge. Those I have spoken or emailed with  are convinced their way will be the answer. It’s all immensely confusing. In all the weeks I’ve spent on this problem two men stand out above the others. So thank you Ted for you are at the top. The other wonderful gentleman is the actual manufacturer in Pennsylvania. His guidance has also been invaluable. Fingers crossed that one day soon…..I’ll be able to sleep in my bedroom!….and my deal 90yr old neighbor won’t be startled every time her A/C goes on.

Thank you so much for this information. These look to be just what we need for what we want to do in this room. And thank you for being so eager to help us in this project. I wish everyone I’ve dealt with over the years, and we’ve been doing this for 22 yrs. now, was as helpful and nice as you have been. Your company should be very proud to have you.

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I just finished placing our first order with John Hile, and I feel it is important that you hear what made the difference for us. John is extremely knowledgeable and is a super professional. His willingness to educate us on what your products are able to do and his solution oriented style completely motivated us to do business with your company. My partners and I have been in business for over 20 years, and the one thing we know about growing a new segment to our existing business, is that you need knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals to work with. John Hile really seems like someone that we can work with in growing the sound insulation segment of our businesses. We look forward to working with John in the future.

Hi Ted, I often looking at the soundproofing company website and find it an invaluable place for information. especially as the diagrams help to demystify actual construction methods etc. I also saw that you supply manuals with all purchases but seeing as that’s unlikely from us UK residence I was wondering if you would sell them to us (well, me actually) directly? In the not too distant future (maybe 2 years) I’ll be building my HT in our current house (after I’ve done all the important stuff like new bathrooms, kitchen, decorating etc) and I might want to have a manual on hand just in case there’s something I need to know/do but can’t figure out the right way to do it. Would your manual be able to help in most instances (considering I’ve no idea what I’ll need to know in the mean time). Cheers,

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I figured its been a while since I updated my thread. There has certainly been progress but its been much slower than anticipated. The drywalling has taken much longer than expected, but will hopefully be finished today. One of the main Issues was the drywall subcontractor didn’t do an adequate job with the GG so my GC ended up redoing it properly. I wasn’t around for most of it due to travel for work, but that’s been just about completed. Now its on to mudding/taping. I’ll try to get some pictures up to document what’s happened. I’ll also put in a plug for The Soundproofing Company. My GC said that they’ve been a pleasure to deal with. In fact, there was a shipping snafu (transcribed address) and TSC made it right in a hurry. Ted was also gracious enough to spend time on the phone with me directly giving pointers. So even though I took some of them, I didn’t do everything he suggested (like Isolating the theater area with an extra wall), which will be to the detriment of containing the sound. But those are the compromises one has to make.

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Even without the Doors completely sealed, the room has an odd feeling inside now, hard to describe. But with the work radio in the room at above normal listening levels, absolutely nothing can be heard in the house directly above the theater. Curious to see how the efforts stand up against the LF’s of the lB.

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Hey Ted, the GG worked great. Even without a door you cannot hear anything upstairs, it is kind of amazing. Thanks for the help with all of that stuff. The sound proofing company really helped me out with the build. It is nice to see it actually look like something resembling a theater.

I did the exact same thing with my basement – 4 walls with 2×4 walls separated from the concrete by about 1/2 – 1 inch. Soffits attached to joists by dips. Clips for celling drywall. DD 5/8 Inch and GG. The differences are Incredible. I can no longer hear people walking upstairs. I can’t hear anything through the ductwork. I can’t hear the water running through the plumbing. I could only imagine after 30 days. Soundproofing left to do: acoustic caulk at all openings, along floor. … and of course I have to do something about the cheapo inside door leading downstairs.

Noisy Neighbor No More! I wanted to take the time to write a special thank you to John, Ted, and the rest of the crew at The Soundproofing Company. My wife and I had been living in utter misery for almost the past three years since we bought our townhome; hearing our neighbor’s TV, movies, music, conversations, etc. through the large party wall of our main floor. I was at a loss as to how I could resolve the situation, but in the process of doing research on products and solutions online, I stumbled upon reviews and referrals to The Soundproofing Company, so I thought I’d check them out for myself. From my first contact on, John was extremely helpful in not only recommending potential solutions for my issue, but also throughout the sales, service, and support process, he went WAY above and beyond my expectations. A lot of risk can go into not doing business face to face these days, but these folks are truly A++ and will be getting my recommendation for anybody I know in need of similar solutions. The products were extremely high quality, as advertised, and easy to work with and install to what is ultimately a very high quality, and most importantly, soundproof wall assembly in our townhouse. Thank you John and company!!

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