I did the exact same thing with my basement – 4 walls with 2×4 walls separated from the concrete by about 1/2 – 1 inch. Soffits attached to joists by dips. Clips for celling drywall. DD 5/8 Inch and GG. The differences are Incredible. I can no longer hear people walking upstairs. I can’t hear anything through the ductwork. I can’t hear the water running through the plumbing. I could only imagine after 30 days. Soundproofing left to do: acoustic caulk at all openings, along floor. … and of course I have to do something about the cheapo inside door leading downstairs.

Noisy Neighbor No More! I wanted to take the time to write a special thank you to John, Ted, and the rest of the crew at The Soundproofing Company. My wife and I had been living in utter misery for almost the past three years since we bought our townhome; hearing our neighbor’s TV, movies, music, conversations, etc. through the large party wall of our main floor. I was at a loss as to how I could resolve the situation, but in the process of doing research on products and solutions online, I stumbled upon reviews and referrals to The Soundproofing Company, so I thought I’d check them out for myself. From my first contact on, John was extremely helpful in not only recommending potential solutions for my issue, but also throughout the sales, service, and support process, he went WAY above and beyond my expectations. A lot of risk can go into not doing business face to face these days, but these folks are truly A++ and will be getting my recommendation for anybody I know in need of similar solutions. The products were extremely high quality, as advertised, and easy to work with and install to what is ultimately a very high quality, and most importantly, soundproof wall assembly in our townhouse. Thank you John and company!!

A delight to deal with!

I have to (again) say what a delight it was to deal with your company. I was just beside myself and had a realtor lined up. You assured me I’d get some relief and you were so right! I’m not moving! –Cindy O., San Francisco, CA

Great customer service

I spoke to John at the Soundproofing Company when I ordered the Green Glue and had a great customer service experience… It was nice to find someone that actually wanted to talk about theaters! –Brad F., Anderson, IN

Class act

I enjoy reading articles on your site; they are very informative and the renderings excellent. I also appreciate how you don’t “push” your products. You show the advantages of your products, but also include cheaper solutions even though they may not be as good. That makes you guys a class act. –Tom A.

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