Serena Mat™ is simply the best isolation mat for commercial soundproofing.

The right soundproofing underlayment can be the difference between quiet from above and annoying neighbor noise. When you need your commercial floor soundproofing done right, use Serena Mat™, Soundproofing Company’s proprietary, rubberized isolation mat.

Serena Mat™ has been tested and proven. This isolation mat achieves the highest-available IIC footfall noise isolation rating, especially in the lower frequencies like bass music and footfalls.

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 Soundproofing walls preserves privacy in homes, apartments and condos, offices, commercial spaces and media rooms.


For blocking noise from above or maintaining your own privacy, soundproofing ceilings can deliver the quiet you crave.


Soundproof floors to eliminate noise from footfalls, bass music notes and other sounds that bother the neighbors.