Soundproofing Walls

The Soundproofing Company offers a variety of high quality solutions for soundproofing walls in almost every kind of environment. From residences to retail, to bars and industrial facilities, we have a solution to meet your needs. Check out our case studies to see how we've helped customers just like you solve their stickiest soundproofing problems.


Level 2 - Standard Solution

Level 1 - Basic Solution

Level 3 (best)

  • Double stud wall assembly
  • Highest performance decoupled isolation
  • Best for heavy loads
  • Best for low frequency bass

Level 2 (standard)

  • IB-1 soundproofing clip & channel wall
  • High performance decoupled isolation
  • Lowest profile, higher performance solutions
  • Not good for heavy loads (cabinets, TVs, etc.)

Level 1 (basic)

  • Single stud wall w/Green Glue
  • Less isolation, drywall shares one stud (coupled)
  • Not recommended for 16" OC framing

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