Living near traffic noise could make it harder to get pregnant

An analysis of 65,000 women living in Denmark found that living near noisy roads could make it harder to get pregnant, accourding to this news article from The New Scientist. The research team found that for every 10 decibels of extra traffic noise around a woman’s home, there was a 5 to 8 per cent increased chance of it taking six months or longer to conceive.

It is unclear whether traffic noise may be affecting women or their partners. Previous research has found a link between sleep disturbance and decreased fertility in women, as well as lower quality of semen in men. A 2013 study showed that consistent exposure to aircraft traffic noise activates a system in the brain that is known to disrupt the rhythm of ovulation.

Your particular experience with road noise will depend upon many unique factors, and we encourage you to Contact Us to analyze and address your specific case. However, as a basic starting point for considering your road noise plight, consider the wall or walls that are facing the road. Are the affected walls more than 30% comprised of windows? If so, sound-proofing windows will probably be your best bet. However, if these walls are less than 30% window, we should analyze the wall structures themselves for soundproofing. In this case, start here with our section on Soundproofing Walls.