Business Soundproofing Solutions`

Office environments have areas where increased soundproofing is required. Perhaps you need to keep patient examinations more private. You may need better sound isolation in your conference rooms. Prefer to have greater noise reduction between lavatories and lobbies?

How to soundproof your business

Medical Office Privacy:

HIPAA guidelines from the Department of Health and Human Services require complete patient privacy and confidentiality. We can help you quiet your medical office environment. Doctor and nurse offices, patient waiting areas and examination rooms can all be easily and economically sound isolated.

Conference Room Soundproofing:

Any office environment needs private areas that are free from eavesdropping. The problem is common office environments are not private. We can help you sound isolate your conference rooms, offices, break areas and waiting rooms. Find out the soundproofing pitfalls of simple suspended ceilings and office partitions.

Bar, Nightclub and Restaurant Noise Contol:

It is very common in urban settings for a popular nightclub to be at odds with the local residents. We have proven solutions to help soundproof a bar, nightclub or restaurant. Specific commercial sound isolation case studies are available.

Retail & Shared Office Soundproofing:

Generally we’re sharing office or retail space in a building with other companies. Noise through the common wall is a problem. We can help you soundproof a shared wall or ceiling with simple, inexpensive materials and techniques.

These business soundproofing issues are not new to us. The below articles describe solutions for some common problems faced in business situation. Give us a call and let us give you a few ideas or if you have any questions.

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