Barrett Homes – Soundproofing Chicago

Here Mike Barrett with Chicago’s Barrett Homes, and Ted White with The Soundproofing Company are in Chicago to discuss sound transmission in multifamily homes. Barrett Homes has used The Soundproofing Company’s systems for several years with great success in their upscale Chicago apartments and condos. Here they discuss the fact that the minimum Building Code requirements for sound transmission are not adequate for upscale building units. Airborne sound and impact (footfall) noise are the two types of sound transmission, with impact noise being the most difficult to mitigate. Mike and Ted then tour a Barret Homes project where a sound isolated floor is being installed.


  1. Barrett Homes and The Soundproofing Company are discussing sound transmission in upscale multifamily homes.
  2. The Soundproofing Company has helped develop systems to mitigate sound transmission beyond Building Code levels.
  3. Both companies believe that the minimum Building Code requirements for sound transmission are not adequate.
  4. Airborne noise and impact noise are the two common types of sound transmission.
  5. Impact noise is more difficult to mitigate than airborne sound.
  6. STC and IIC are used for measuring isolation, but they do not measure low-frequency bass.
  7. Low-frequency bass is where most of the sound transmission problems lie.

Current multi-family housing expectations are for peace and quiet and a clear acoustical separation for privacy. To achieve this, you need to build beyond the minimum Building Code.

The Soundproofing Company specializes in efficiently planning to reduce sound transmission between and within multifamily homes. With our proven systems, sound is compartmentalized and isolated, for the benefit of all occupants. We start with your architect or designer, along with the General Contractor, to merge the isolation plan with the practical and simple installation.

Our time-proven solutions go above and beyond minimum Building Code requirements, ensuring that your home is truly yours - you’re not sharing your space with the neighbors. Whether it's airborne noise or impact noise, we have tailored systems to address each aspect of sound transmission, providing you with the peace of mind your clients expect.

These solutions are installed by your current subcontractors. You are not calling in specialty installers to pour floors and install exotic components. Your installation labor rates are therefore low, and scheduling is easier.

Feel free to call us for a consultation to discuss your specific needs with our Tech Support, and let us tailor a solution that fits your construction budget. We can go over the basics and quickly dial in a solution.


I think what sets Barrett Homes apart from other developers of multifamily apartments is that they take their knowledge of luxury single-family home building and bring those ideas to apartment buildings. Great layouts and beautiful finishes. I'm not going to say that's the easy part because I know that's difficult to do, but what sets them apart is saying, “we want to know that living here is going to be comfortable,” and so they go the extra mile of including features in their properties and in their construction that'll set their buildings apart from their competitors. 

Mike Root
Barrett Home Property Manager