Soundproofing Installation Manuals (SIM)

Soundproofing Installation Manual - SIMSoundproofing Company has the free custom Soundproofing Installation Manuals (SIM) with purchase for Commercial and Residential walls, ceilings and floor soundproofing projects. With every large purchase we provide fully illustrated set of instructions specific for your job. After a phone consult, we’ll prepare a file with relevant diagrams, instructions and schematics.

Soundproofing Company’s sales team is available to discuss the scope of work directly with your architect, designer or contractor. We are with you from consultation thru installation.


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Install Green Glue faster and for less money
Detailed Product Installation Schematics

We provide all necessary instructions for what materials go where. Install your product like a soundproofing pro. You can simply hand them over to your contractor.

Don't let your ventilation ruin your soundproofing project.
Ventilation Planning Guide

If you’re building a theater or studio, you are going to have to get air in and out of your sealed room. Our guide will help you ventilate without compromising your soundproofing efforts

Properly build a soundproof soffit
Soffit Construction Guide

Soffits allow you to hide ventilation, recessed lighting, conduit and cables. They can also be a huge compromise to your overall sound isolation if you don’t plan ahead.

How to build a dead vent systemDead Vent System

For dedicated rooms that will generate a great deal of noise, consider building a Dead Vent. The Dead Vent can be used to reduce sound in ventilation systems when a soffit muffler within the room isn’t practical.

Need to build and access painel? Build it the proper soundproofing way.Building an Access Panel

There are times when you need to build an opening in your wall or ceiling that won’t leak. Detailed schematics.