How to Soundproof a Floor

Every type of floor has its own unique soundproofing need, therefore there are several possible solutions to consider. You may want carpet or hardwood. Ceramic or vinyl. This might be new floor construction or a remodel.

It is important to remember that the 4 Elements of Soundproofing always apply to any soundproofing project, even the challenging impact noise / foot fall noise problem that occurs in floors.

Serenity Mat Soundproofing Floor Underlayment is a fully tested floor underlay solution. Serenity Mat™ Underlay has the ability to block noise from floor-to-ceiling which is one of most common soundproofing requests. Serenity Mat is used to soundproof floors in condos, apartments, urban, multi-level housing, home theaters, bedrooms, hallways, etc.

Best Soundproof Floor Assembly - Hardwood Floor BEST

Soundproofing Floor (Hardwood and Tile & Stone)

Add Serenity Mat™ Underlay, then Green Glue between two layers of Tongue and Groove plywood. This creates a second floated subfloor which greatly increases the performance of the floor assembly.  Read More

Soundproofing Floor Glued Assembly BETTER

Soundproofing Floor (Hardwood and Laminate)

Serenity Mat™ + Underlay Adhesive (Standard Subfloor) Glue down the Serenity Mat to the original subfloor (could be a cement slab or wood frame). Then glue down a layer of 3/4″ Tongue & Groove OSB. OSB resists warping better than plywood… Read More

Good Soundproof Floor Assembly - Laminate Floor GOOD

Soundproofing Floor (Laminate and Carpet Only)

Serenity Mat™ Only – Glued Down Method Unlike nailed wood floors, engineered floors require no fasteners to install. The engineered floor is “floating” on the Serenity Mat™. Using Serenity Mat™ underlayment helps to decouple the floated floor from the original subfloor, … Read More

soundrpoof-floor-and-ceiling-assembly-closeup BEST COMBO

Floor and Ceiling Assembly

Serenity Mat™ + Clips/Drywall Furring Channel + Green Glue This solution  addresses the noise vibration right at its source by applying mass (2 layers of Tongue and Groove 3/4″ Plywood and 3/8″Serenity Mat™ Underlayment) and damping to the underside of … Read More
Serenity Mat is a proven soundproofing solution