Club Sanctuary thrills neighbors by keeping party noise indoors

Unhappy neighbors bombed by bass

Club Sanctuary was a popular Ft. Meyers nightclub that put out a lot of heavy bass. The club was located in a standard steel pole building construction with insulated sides and ceiling.

The sound system used a stack of Cobra II Dynacord subwoofers and achieve 120 dB. No surprise, club owners had repeated issues with the neighborhood Homeowners Association and police. Clearly, they needed to lower the low frequency sound transmission to the outside.

Soundproofing Company saves the neighborhood with a simple solution


To accomplish this, a new interior wall was constructed of steel studs, three layers of 5/8” standard drywall and two tubes of Green Glue per 4’x8’ sheet. The space between the drywall and original steel was filled with R13 fiberglass.

The roofline was raised with the addition of three sheets of exterior plywood and two tubes of Green Glue per 4’x8’ sheet. This was covered with a new sheet of steel roofing.









The grateful club owners had this to say.

This installation absolutely saved us. The Homeowners Association that was concerned actually sent us a letter thanking us for our soundproofing efforts and considered the issue closed. Even the police have commented how quiet it is these days. The installation was faster than the contractor anticipated, actually. He felt that using the Green Glue was a very straightforward process. This solution was much less expensive than other products we had considered. We’re glad we made the right choice.