Soundproof floor solves Chicago condo developer’s noise problems

Loud floors make for unhappy condo neighbors

Good soundproofing is a key selling point for both single-family residences and condominium buildings. Our client is an upscale residential real estate developer in the competitive Chicago market. When they needed to replace their existing soundproof floor system, they called on the Soundproofing Company. We delivered a flooring solution that works in both new and existing buildings, is easy to install and outperforms other systems.

The client first used a poured gypsum floor system for their condominium development but was dissatisfied with its performance over time. Not only was the noise reduction performance substandard, the poured floors had to be floated on an isolation mat that sometimes compresses and cracks the poured floor itself. A gypsum poured floor is also more expensive to purchase and maintain and requires a specialized crew to install.


A better, faster, cheaper soundproof floor solution

Working with the Soundproofing Company, the client built a new floor that is not only less expensive and easier and faster to implement but also performs better over time. The company also uses our double-wall soundproofing system. They are so satisfied with the results that they include our logo and products in their marketing materials.