Staggered Stud Walls

Staggered Stud Wall with Green Glue - STC 62

Staggered Stud Wall with Double Drywall and Green Glue

The Staggered Stud wall is shown here for reference only. We don’t advise the use of this wall. Insulation is generally compressed, the top and bottom plates transfer a lot of energy, etc.

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Staggered Stud Reports

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Wall Type Comparison

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How to Install

Building a Staggered Stud Wall

A staggered stud wall is an effective way to decouple and sound isolate your walls. If you have an existing 2×4 wall, this article explains how to convert a poor performing wall into a soundproof wall. Learn exactly how to build a staggered stud soundproof wall, complete with diagrams of each step. Use simple building materials to modify the wall you already have.

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Additional Resources

  • Double Stud framing is the most effective way to decouple a wall. Best at Low Frequency isolation, the Double Stud wall also offers a structural…

  • 1. Removed the first layer of drywall from the wall to expose the stud framing. Set up a table saw to rip the 2x4 stud…

  • Clips perform two main functions. First, because they are spaced in rows 24″ apart (generally), the drywall is attached with far fewer contact areas. Second,…

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