Mass Loaded Vinyl Walls

MLV Soundproofing Walls STC 45

Adding  Mass Loaded Vinyl and Drywall

Mass Loaded Vinyl is sold under many different brand names, but in essence, all (including ours) are a vinyl rubber made heavier by loading with Barium. This extra mass combined with the new drywall makes the wall's much heavier and increases your walls soundproofing. This application will typically yield an additional 4-6 STC points to a wall.

While this is a common soundproofing solution, we do not recommend it. We only list this as a possible solution for reference purposes. 

24" Wood Framed Wall Assemblies
STCSource SideStudsInsulationReceive Side
451/2" Gypsum + 1 lb MLV + 1/2" Gypsum24" ocR131/2" Gypsum