Resilient Channel Walls

Resilent Channel Single Side

Resilient Channel Wall Assembly:

We do not suggest installing Resilient Channel walls. They test well in the lab but when installed in the field they are seriously prone to malfunction. Our purpose for posting this data is so you have a point of reference. Resilient Channel was the standard in soundproofing in the past, but has become obsolete. If you are a contractor do not attempt to use this product with any guaranteed sound performance.

STCSource SideStudsInsulationReceive SideTest #
58Two layers of 5/8" Gypsum24" OCR13Resilient Channel @ 24" OC + Two layers 5/8" Gypsum  TL-93-086
54Single layers of 5/8" Gypsum24" OCR13Resilient Channel @ 24" OC + Two layers 5/8" Gypsum  TL-93-085
49Single layers of 5/8" Gypsum24" OCR13 Resilient Channel @ 24" OC + Single layers 5/8" Gypsum TL-93-082